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What Happened

Let me tell you a story.

Last July, my life took a drastic turn. A lot of things have been said about me, & I never really bothered to stand up for myself because a) I didn't care & b) I didn't think anyone would believe me.

8 months later, & I think it's about time that I actually come out with my side of the story.

In March of last year (I believe, I could be wrong), I made a new friend online, Angela, better known in the furry community as TheRedAngel. I was living with my fiance, Rob, at the time, & we needed a roommate. As luck would have it, Angela was losing her roommate, & needed to find someone to live with.
I talked it over with Rob, & with his approval, I offered to let her move into our spare bedroom, but warned her that the house was a mess & the relationship between Rob & I was strained. We tried to clean up the house, but as with all my cleaning efforts, it just got undone in about a quarter of the amount of time it took to clean it.
(sidenote here - the main reason my relationship with Rob was strained was because he would consistently tell me he'd do something, like clean up his stuff from the living room, & then he'd never find time to do it. Yet, he would find time to sit around & watch House while I had it playing in the background while working on art, or play Metal Gear Solid, or one of many driving games on the PS3. I felt more like his mother than his fiance because of how much I had to follow him around, cleaning up after him, & had told him this multiple times, hoping he would see how bad it had gotten & live up to his word for once. Needless to say, it was hopeless. I gave up & stopped putting effort into the apartment, letting it get extremely messy & cluttered.)

We moved Angela into our spare room in April (I think, I may be a couple months off).
I mostly stayed in my bedroom, working on art, usually with the door closed. She would knock on the door & come in & I'd usually put down my art to talk to her.
Occasionally, I'd be taking a break & playing video games on my laptop, but it was usually because I had just spent the last 3+ hours on art & wanted a short break.
This is only important because of the claim from Angela after everything fell apart, that I just sat in my room on my ass, playing games. At one point, when I thought she was going to Anthrocon & taking some of my art with her, I was putting out an average of 10 pieces a week, plus I was still doing about 30 hours a month in commissions, which would be REALLY hard to do if I was indeed spending all my time gaming. (I spend all my time gaming now, & I can tell you I'm lucky to get 20 hours of art in a month, much to my dismay)

On with the story.
I was unhappy with my relationship, & had basically given up. I had started to check online dating sites like casualkiss & okcupid. I wasn't really looking for anything more than friends, because i was sick of relationships, & had already sworn to myself that if I could get out of the situation I was in, I would NEVER get seriously involved with anyone again, as it just wasn't worth it.

I met Sal on Casualkiss around the beginning of July. We hit it off amazingly well, talked for hours into the night, & I was happy. The chemistry between us was like nothing I had ever felt before, & it showed me what I was missing from my life.

July 10th. I lied to Rob about where I was going to be that night, & I met Sal in person. He invited me to spend the night at his place, & I didn't want to part ways with him, so I accepted. I went to my apartment & told Rob that it was over, I was moving on with my life. Apparently he had been talking to Angela all night, worried about losing me.
When I was about to leave, Angela stopped me & begged me not to go, because she was worried about Rob. I told her that I was sick of living the way I had been, making myself miserable & suicidal just so the people around me wouldn't be unhappy, & I was finally going to do something for myself.

I called Rob later that night & we talked for about an hour. Nothing would get resolved, & I wasn't interested in it getting resolved because I had already given him hundreds of chances.

Most of our communication from that point on was through e-mail. I was pissed because as it turned out, our rent was $600 a month. Angela was paying $300. I was paying close to $400 every month (all my art money, I never had anything for myself), & Rob was only paying his bills, & about $150 towards the bills around the house that Angela & I weren't covering.
I told Rob I'd be keeping the apartment, & I told Angela not to worry, as I'd still be paying half the rent, & she would have somewhere to live.

Rob contacted the landlords to switch the apartment to my name. They had to do an inspection, & they kicked us out of the apartment because of the mess.
Angela told the landlords that I said I was going to wreck the apartment (which I actually had said, mostly in jest, in April or May) & they made it so I wasn't allowed to go in the apartment, which meant that I was reliant on my ex-fiance to bring me the things that belonged to me from the apartment.
Rob told me this, & took me in the apartment once to get my stuff. I grabbed about 3 suitcases worth of my stuff, mostly clothes (all in garbage bags, laundry bins, or recyclable bags as there were no boxes left for me to put my stuff in, & no space in the truck for it to be transported even if I had grabbed more stuff) & he took me to my parents house.

I spent the next 2 months trying to get him to drop off more of my stuff, mainly my clothes, art supplies, some kitchen things, my computer that had all the information I had ever saved since '97 on it, my parent's DVD's that we had borrowed & never returned, & my bed. Things I had regretted not grabbing, because my life had been crashing down around me & I wasn't in the right state of mind. At the time that I was grabbing my stuff at the apartment, I wasn't even going to be taking Bear with me, because I didn't think I could give him a good enough life. I had a chair that I had basically forced him to bring when I was grabbing my stuff, & that is all I had to sleep on for a month, until my parents bought me a futon.
I ended up getting some more of my clothes, & some books, art supplies, & other random crap, but hardly any of the stuff I actually specified. I also got the cat, as he had broken out of the place Rob was staying, & I decided that I couldn't trust Rob to take care of him. He e-mailed me on the last day that the apartment was technically 'ours' & told me good luck getting my own stuff, because he wasn't helping me. I don't drive, & this was around 11pm that he e-mailed this to me.

I never did get anything more from that apartment.

I'm sick of the fucking drama, I'm quite certain this is going to stir up even more, but I can't think of anything Angela could say about me that would be worse than the slander she had in her last post about me. It REALLY pissed me off that she said I never cooked. I cooked at least every other day, & because I usually made soup or casseroles, we would have leftovers the next day. Angela refused to eat leftovers, so no, I guess I didn't cook every day for her, but I wasn't about to let the food go to waste when it was perfectly good (sometimes better in the case of soup) the next day.
Also, like I mentioned before, if I spent all day gaming, how did I manage to get so much art done??? Most of the time, my door was closed, so she wouldn't even know what I was doing in my bedroom.

On an afternote, my cat, Bear, died August 22nd. I never got any messages of consolation or anything from anyone from my previous life, EXCEPT my extranged boyfriend who I hadn't heard from in 7 years, who had found me on Facebook, & he didn't even know me when I had Bear, & had no clue how much Bear meant to me. The people who knew me, who lived with me when I had Bear, couldn't be arsed to put aside their vindictiveness to offer any sort of consolation.
Out of everything, I think that hurt the most.
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My life in haiku

Bear has been returned
Order has returned to life
A cat in my lap

Playing pokemon
My second battle ever
A n00b six-oh'd him

My parents basement
It's stinky, messy, cluttered
it's what I call home

Alright, I'm bored of this now.
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Friends Cut

I'm going to be doing a pretty big cut. it's really nothing personal, but I haven't really had the time to read LJ since Friday, so I'm trying to simplify things

Comment here if you want to stay. It'll probably be a few days before I bother doing any cutting other than communities
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Something for myself

I finally drew something for myself, for no reason other than I was inspired to do it.
Sushi Tiems

I love how it turned out, I think it's one of my best pieces to date. & I actually used different facial expressions!
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(no subject)

I feel like I've been treading water for the past 7 years, & I'm tired of it. There's so much I want to do, that I'm worried I'll never get a chance to do

I want to play in the ocean surf, watch whales off the coast, catch fireflies & let them go again, dance under the stars, see the world, turn over rocks & watch the bugs underneath scurry away, watch the sun set & the lights come on over a big city, hunt for four leaf clovers, swim naked under waterfalls, sit overlooking a sprawling landscape & draw what I see, see the northern lights, & so much more....

I basically want life to be one big adventure.
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Artist Trading Cards

I want to start collecting ATC's, but I'm way too cheap to buy them. Anyone know of any swapping communities (either here or at other webpages) where you can swap pre-made ATCs? (I'm not really interested in getting a whackload of my character, I want to swap pre-made ones)
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TK On The Traffic In New York

We're talking about where to go for July 4th, since Rob has it off anyway now.

He mentioned he wanted to go to New York City

My response?

"You probably wouldn't want to drive there. You know Toronto traffic? Multiply that by American"
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Holy Auctions Batman!

So since I'm not going to Anthrocon, I'm posting all the stuff that I had packed away to sell there

First up is the bookmarks & art cards. Once some auctions come down, I'll put some more up (I can only upload so many images there, & I'm already at my size quota)

My Auctions Like always, they're not all safe for work

Also, I'm offering commissions at Anthrocon prices - the details are in my FA journal, but I'll take orders through there, here, e-mail, on a rock chucked through my windown (mind you, it'll cost more than normal so I can get my window fixed), etc etc etc
Commission info & prices here

I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word or something, as I'd like to get rid of all this crap as profitably as possible
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Free art!

You can be the reciever of free art. All you have to do is advertise it in your journal
Go here

(this seems like a GREAT way to get your name out - remind me to do this after anthrocon)