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Why yes, it IS all about me.

It's Emotastic!

Just A Bundle Of Fuckin' Sunshine
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Rather than posting a post with all my information at the top of my journal, I figure I should just post here

My name isn't important - aside from family I just get everyone to call me TK. I'm too lazy to update my age every year so I'll just tell you I was born March 12, 1981. I'm a Pisces, which explains a lot.

I'm a freelance artist & a work-aholic. I love my job. If anyone ever tells me that's not a real job, I will gouge out their eyeballs. I've worked harder in the last 2 years doing this than I've EVER worked in my life.

I live in small town Ontario, Canada. I hate it here, I can't wait until I get out.
I'm an internet addict & spend about 40% of my waking life on the internet. I'm trying to break myself of that addiction, but it's not going so well.

I'm extremely cheap (I'll say frugal or thrifty to make it not sound so bad) & love finding ways to save money. I look at it like a challenge & have fun with it. I love to make things from scratch rather then buy them pre-made.

I also love to cook - I make a lot of foods from scratch as canned food has insane amounts of sodium.
I'm always interested in trying new foods, although for the life of me I can't prepare beans or lentils in a way that I can eat them. I have issues with the texture of food.

I dream of one day living on the road - I don't care if it's a modified van or an RV, I just want to travel. Constantly.